Client Success Stories

Debt Collection Threats of Arrest

A debt collection attorney’s office threatened to arrest me for check fraud and told my friends, family, co-workers, and employer about a debt I didn’t even owe. Mr. Stephenson stopped the calls, threats, and other collection abuses and obtained a massive damages award for me. I no longer fear debt collectors.
Account Manager
West Jordan, Utah

Client Success Stories

Credit Repair Lawsuit Avoided

Our mortgage was approved and we avoided a lawsuit after Mr. Stephenson removed an inaccurate account from our credit reports! Thanks to Mr. Stephenson, my wife and I are now enjoying our new home.
Police Officer
Salt Lake City, Utah

Client Success Stories

Identity Theft Debt Collections Stopped

Within one week Stephenson Law Firm removed three identity theft accounts from my credit reports and completely stopped all collections of those fraudulent accounts.
Real Estate Agent
Salt Lake City, Utah

Client Success Stories

Harassing Telemarketing Calls Lawsuit

A telemarketing company called me relentlessly for months, tying up my phone and making it impossible for me get through my day without harassing interruptions. I had to take my phone off the hook until Mr. Stephenson sued the telemarketer and got me a substantial monetary damages award. The telemarketer stopped calling too.
Quality Control Manager
Woods Cross, Utah

Client Success Stories

Successfully Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense

A debt collection attorney was suing me for over $19,000.00 of debt that was not mine. Mr. Stephenson successfully defended the debt collection lawsuit and actually made the debt collection attorneys and their client pay me. They even paid my attorney's fees for me!
Kansas City, Kansas

Debt Collection Abuse

Stop abusive, unfair, harassing, or deceptive debt collection conduct and make the collectors pay you.

Identity Theft Credit Repair

Correct errors in your credit reports caused by identity theft and rebuild your credit.

Identity Theft Protection

Stop identity theft debt collections, repair your credit file, obtain refunds of garnished wages, and lock down your credit.

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Services Guarantee

Legal Services Guarantee

To assure the highest quality consumer legal representation possible, we provide our clients an industry-leading legal service guarantee:

Stephenson Law Firm guarantees to serve all of our clients in a cost effective and timely manner. We promise to treat our clients with dignity and respect and to put our clients’ needs ahead of our own. We cannot guarantee specific outcomes; but we do promise to diligently seek out fair and just resolutions in our clients’ legal matters and to work hard to meet our clients’ reasonable expectations.

It is rare for a law firm to offer a legal services guarantee. For Stephenson Law Firm, the decision was easy. Consumers are the underdog in legal disputes over abusive debt collections, deceptive sales practices, credit repair, credit reporting issues, identity theft protection, and contract and warranty matters and those disputes can be financially and emotionally overwhelming. Our law firm service guarantee helps alleviate the stress and financial burdens of consumer protection litigation and assures our clients that we will work to serve their needs in the most effective and affordable way possible. We care about our clients legal needs and we want our clients to be fully satisfied with our work.

Most law firms refuse to guarantee their work — we insist on it.


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